Stage One: private space

2015 - 2018

With the addition of a two-meter wide extension, an existing sleepout is reconfigured to enable a private wing to the house.  Spatially limited, generosity of rooms and experience are enabled by borrowing light and views across rooms and giving function to idle space.  


Upstairs, a typical master suite is reimagined. The bedroom is exploded into a sequence of actions - cleansing, dressing and sleeping, along a continuous circulation spine. The corridor is given function, programmed to house basins becoming ensuite, to house mirrors becoming walk in robe, to provide opportunity to sit and pull on shoes. 


A playful reinterpretation of a battened privacy screen envelops the core building - sheltering, capturing private gardens and editing the domain, offering calculated glimpses to sky, city and treetops. 


2019 Houses Awards Commendation for House Alteration 

& Addition under 200sqm 

Film by Nikolas Strugar, Ravens at Odds

Photography by Toby Scott