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2016 - 2019

Film by Nikolas Strugar, Ravens at Odds

Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones

©CFJ_Park Road-32
©CFJ_Park Road-04
©CFJ_Park Road-01
©CFJ_Park Road-37
©CFJ_Park Road-35
©CFJ_Park Road-36
©CFJ_Park Road-09
©CFJ_Park Road-33
©CFJ_Park Road-34
©CFJ_Park Road-11
©CFJ_Park Road-13
©CFJ_Park Road-21
©CFJ_Park Road-20
©CFJ_Park Road-39
©CFJ_Park Road-40
©CFJ_Park Road-26
©CFJ_Park Road-24
©CFJ_Park Road-19
©CFJ_Park Road-28
©CFJ_Park Road-23
©CFJ_Park Road-22 (1)
©CFJ_Park Road-02
©CFJ_Park Road-38
©CFJ_Park Road-31

A brief defined by a celebration of retirement, the project sought to remain within the footprint of the existing two-storey Queenslander to establish aspect to its generous site, significant gums, lap pool and tennis court previously disconnected. 


The regulatory pool fence, typically an obstruction between house and pool and a function that seeks to be hidden, was embraced - the project conceived using pool fence as celebrated language. 


The pool fence - a ‘net’ cast north of the house, captures the pool and outdoor terrace.  A formidable structure, the fence is softened by garden offset on all edges - drawn into the new public rooms of the house by an ambiguous line of enclosure. 


The fineness of the repetitive screen and balustrade is offset and contrasted by the solidity of the mass board-formed concrete planters setting up the secondary entry and bringing gardens to the elevated outdoor rooms.



2020 Australian Institute of Architects Queensland Architecture Awards, Winner, Elina Mottram Award for Residential Architecture (Alts & Adds)


2020 Australian Institute of Architects 'House of the Year, Brisbane'

2020 Houses Awards, Commendation for Alteration and Addition over 200m2

2020 Houses Awards, Commendation for Garden or Landscape

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